• Photo White Balance Service

    White balance sounds confusing and I know one thing about it that you can sometimes avoid when you first start but I promise it's not,so let's take a look! White balance is the color temperature of an image and it ranges from warm (orange) to cool (blue color).See the example below of how different white balance temperatures affect the appearance of an image.

  • A common problem for indor photographers is a ghoulish yellow color cast that effects the entire image.This is caused by the extremely warm color temperature of the light bulbs.While automatic white balance was designed to remedy this it fails to do so consistently.The solution is to manually select the Tungsten white balance preset.With it, more blue is added to the scene, effectively neutralizing the unrealistic yellow. In the side by side example, you can see how the image shot with the Tungsten preset appears more natural. This menu selection is typically represented by a light bulb icon in the camera’s white balance menu.

  • You may notice several additional options in your camera's white balance menu. Settings like fluorescent flash and daylight refine all sound. The reality is they are not very good. Instead of exacerbating complex problems stick with three cloudy shades and tungsten se These presets will provide the right color for almost every situation. Apply these to your photography and say goodbye to those unpleasant color actors
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